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Percula Clown Fish & Corals
Custom Reef Aquarium Design Concept
Coper Banded Butterfly and Yellow Tang in Reef Aquarium
Are you dreaming of a stunning custom aquarium design to transform your home or office?

BlueRing Aquariums specializes in building custom aquarium designs in Greenwich, CT. We’re here to bring your aquatic vision to life! We are experts in:

Exquisite Saltwater Fish Tanks: Immerse yourself in the living art that is the vibrant beauty of a thriving saltwater ecosystem.
Breathtaking Reef Tanks: Discover the wonders of a recreated coral reef, expertly designed and maintained.
Custom Designs Tailored to You: From sleek and modern to naturally inspired, we’ll create the perfect aquarium for your space.
Premium Aquarium Maintenance Near You: Keep your tank pristine with our dedicated Greenwich-area maintenance services.

"BlueRing went above and beyond! They worked with my contractor to perfectly integrate my reef tank into our new build. Dream team for anyone with a custom vision."
Lauren L.
Riverside, CT
Fromia seastar in coral reef aquarium tank
Custom Fresh Water Tank Aquarium Design
Anthias Pair in Custom Aquarium Display
Why Choose BlueRing Aquariums?

Local Greenwich Experts: Have peace of mind knowing we are always nearby to help.
Passionate and Knowledgeable: Our team loves what we do; it shows in our results. 
Commitment to Quality: From premium equipment to meticulous care, we deliver excellence.

Transform your space. Contact BlueRing Aquariums today for a free consultation!

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Ever dreamt of a stunning aquarium in your home, but felt intimidated by the process? At BlueRing Aquariums, we understand. Our blog is here to guide you through the world of aquariums, making your underwater dreams a reality – one step at a time. We’ll cover everything from choosing the right tank and fish to maintenance tips and troubleshooting common problems.

"I'm absolutely thrilled with my new reef tank from BlueRing! The design was seamlessly incorporated into my reading room, and the vibrant colors of the fish and my corals are stunning. They transformed my reading room into a breathtaking underwater paradise."
Reading Room Reef
Michael P.
Greenwich, CT